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Our Airbnb is a truly unique camping experience and far exceeds a tent for comfort. It's solid wood and has a metal roof which produces a lovely sound in the rain while keeping you dry. The cabin interior does not have a sink or running water but our outdoor shower house has hot water on demand and is able to drain away any grey water generated from washing through the perforated floor. You are going to love the hot tub setup we have with new privacy lattice.​


We have a propane gas barbeque with side burner for cooking and a picnic table outside as well as 2 prep tables inside the cabin for food preparation with a mini fridge and freezer combo for food storage. You will also find a coffee maker and tea supplies left for your use.


This eco friendly setup collects a supply of rain water off the roof by the gutter and stores it in an  exterior 55 gallon rain barrel. This water is for watering the garden. We are on a well with septic system here and safe clean drinking water is supplied from our drilled well that goes 95 feet into the Earth through the limestone beneath us. Drinking water is available from the dispenser inside the cabin.  There is no laundry service but we do have a drying line out front you can use as well as many hooks for hanging around the hot tub, shower and outside the cabin door. We also have a brand new pit outhouse this year with men's urinal.


There is a full size (54" x 75") 4” thick foam mattress with a pine blanket box for you to chose your blankets and bedding upstairs. 

The 5 foot wide sleeping loft has 2 screened windows up top, a lamp, fan, electrical plug and nightstand with 2 drawers for storage up there as well. The cabin is made of uninsulated white pine in a board and batten style and much like a tent it may get chilly at night depending on the weather. Electric heat is available by a space heater on the main floor. If you are taller than 6' you will have to duck your head upon entry through the main door as the loft is right above.


We capture and store solar energy from our photovoltaic panels for use later in a storage battery and inverter inside the cabin. This energy is used to run the shower, the fridge, coffee maker and hair dryer as well as charge devices through the on board USB ports.


‌We grow food in our vegetable gardens, harvest wild berries off the land and have laying hens for eggs. We also produce in house fruit and floral wines made with ingredients right off the land as well as make maple syrup each spring. 

Our chicken coop area and solar array is also located at the top of our property and you will see a compost bin system where food scraps, yard waste and chicken manure cycle back into the garden. Also found on the upper level of the property we have a camp fire pit and a bench for seating as well as an outdoor urinal built into the hillside for men.


We have parking space for 4 vehicles on site and a large driveway for anything extra.


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